Why Choose Wylas Timing?

Check out the great features of Wylas Timing below!

Meet Manager Integration

Wylas Timing system can be integrated with any meet manager software.

Fast and Efficient

Wylas timing provides accuracy and efficiency decreasing the time spent during swimming meets.

Wireless System

The system runs completely wireless, leaving you with no pool deck cables.

Low Cost Systems

Wylas Timing has customisable hardware and software packages to suit budgets of all sizes.

FINA/US Timing Compliant

Wylas Timing software is fully compliant with FINA & US Swimming's timing regulations.

Accurate Timing

Wylas Timing's System is accurate to approximately 2 milliseconds and can integrate with any touchpad.

Customizable Packages

Whether you run a 6 lane or 12 lane pool Wylas Timing has packages to suit clubs and pools any size.

Display Options

Wylas Timing's Display app allows results and running race times to be displayed on any HDMI enabled TV.

Our Happy Clients!

Touchpad Integration

Touchpad Integration

Wylas Timing’s latest software release allows high-end touchpad integration from any touchpad brand. The integration enables users to activate a quiet period and configure timers to automatically restart for multi-lap events. The quiet period facilitates users to start a new race over the top of swimmers from the previous race while touchpads are active.
Meet Manager Integration

Meet Manager Integration

Wylas Timing can integrate with any Meet Manager program. Out of the box we support Splash Meet Manager and Hytek Meet manager, but if you have another meet management program, contact us and we’ll see what we can suggest.
US/FINA timing compliant

US/FINA timing compliant

Wylas Timing corresponds with FINA and US timing regulations, allowing for splits, multiple timekeepers per lane and touch-pad integration, providing an accuracy around 2 milliseconds. Now every club from amateur to professional can access a timing system for their requirements.